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The internet has advanced so much throughout the years and has become faster and faster. Just 10-15 years ago we were connecting to the internet through the phone line dialing into out 56k modem. Now we have wireless internet and can get wifi on our phones. The younger generation may not know this but most computers still have the ability to connect via an Ethernet cord. The younger generation has grown up where wireless internet is the norm. Being connected to the internet through an Ethernet cord can make you connection speed a little faster. But wireless internet is so fast now that it really doesn't make that much of a difference depending on what you are using the internet for.

Although wireless internet may not always be as fast as using an Ethrenet cord you still get a lot of benefits. It makes you completely mobile throughout your house or office. This is extremely useful if you have a laptop and can make traveling nice because you can get internet while waiting for your plane. Wireless internet is available in coffee shops, airports, hotels, and cafes. You can browse the internet in a lot of places now-a-days and it is only progressing. With wireless internet you can have multiple computers hooked up to the internet at one time. Using cords you are limited to the amount of slots available on your modem or router.  In a household of multiple computer users this is almost essential.

All you need is a wireless card installed in your computer.  This also keeps your house or office free from clutter and having wires all over the floor or having to turn them throughout the walls.  With a wireless card installed it is easy to pick a wireless connection and be connected within seconds.  The beauty of laptops is that almost all of them come with wireless cards installed when you buy them. In fact a lot of desktops are also being built with them installed. If you have a computer that is not equipped with a wireless card do not worry, you can pick one up at almost any electronic store.  The are designed to fit almost any computer and can connect through your USB port or PCI port. Installation is very easy and all wireless cards come with instructions.



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Wireless internet benefits

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This article was published on 2010/10/21