Tips To Enjoy Safe Internet Browsing

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You might have heard about Aladins Magic Lamp. Internet could be termed as the magic lamp of 21st century. Whatever you want, be it air ticket booking or accessing your bank account, you can do it by sitting on your favorite couch with just a few click. But there are disadvantages too. Criminals are now exploiting the advantages of technology and they lurk on the Internet in search of easy victims. These cyber criminals are known as hackers, spammers, etc. To enjoy safe browsing, you need to stop them. And due to this reason internet safety is important.

Lets take a closer look at what these cyber criminals could do. First of all, they access your computer without your permission. Known as unauthorized access this is one of the major threats in terms of Internet safety. If the hacker could access to your computer then they may get complete control over all your transactions. Even they can also misuse your personal details for illegal or objectionable purposes.

How to ensure Internet safety? Firstly, there should be a strong firewall protection for your network. There are some important things like an anti-virus software, anti-spyware software installed on your PC. This is a must for the home computer users. You can consult an expert for PC security support.

If you are having a medium sized business, you would need a strong firewall. For large businesses, apart from a strong firewall, stronger Internet security software as well as security fencing is required. It is also recommended not to upload your pictures and videos on unreliable social networking sites.

Social networking is very popular these days. While exploring these sites, you should refrain from giving out your address, telephone number as well as credit card number, social security number, passwords or even your complete name. It is also recommended not to allow strangers to access to your web camera at the time of chatting with strangers via instant messenger, or such services.

Shopping on the Internet has now become widely popular. You should make sure that you select a reliable website. Refrain from shopping on websites that are not popular. These websites can have spyware and other malware which may result identity theft. You should avoid using the Internet caf for performing important transactions over the Internet. Even if you are compelled to do that, you should check whether any spy software is installed on the computer or not.

Remember, to enjoy a safe Internet browsing experience, it is a must to be equipped with filtering software, anti-virus and anti-spyware software as well as firewall detector and a pop-up blocker. If all these are installed on your computer then only you can enjoy safe internet browsing.
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Tips To Enjoy Safe Internet Browsing

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This article was published on 2011/03/31