The future of wireless broadband

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Who would have imagined that finding a great Italian restaurant could be done on a street corner? Or that you could stand in front of a store mirror and ask 250 of your best friends if you should buy the outfit for a big date? Or that you could find out during a critical dinner conversation whether Captain Cook landed in Australia during the summer or winter time? (It was late August, in case you were wondering.)

Wireless broadband and mobile technology has transformed the way we access information. Thanks to iPads and tablets powered by Android, we’re able to do all of those things today that wouldn’t have been possible twenty years ago.

Of course, broadband technology is still new and even with the Australia’s government’s plan to install the National Broadband Network which, because it is a fixed line network, it still leaves much to be desired when it comes to wireless connectivity. So what’s the future of wireless broadband? Where do you think we’ll be twenty years from now?

Some of the latest Broadband technology Developments

Mobile devices have changed the way we think about internet access. A fast ADSL line at home with a router may not be enough anymore, users are signing up for iPad 2 internet plans and other mobile broadband internet offers. Meanwhile, Australian and other countries around the world have made a number of advancements in mobile internet technology.

- Internet underground – a number of the world’s largest metropolitan cities are set to roll out internet access capabilities for the metro commute. New York and Tokyo both have plans to introduce mobile and WiFi service through their intricate subway systems to allow users to access the mobile internet on moving trains. Japan of course also enjoys some of the most advanced internet access in the world and some of the cheapest rates at that.
- Internet in the air – of course, many airlines have installed WiFi internet access on select flights so passengers can go online in the air.
- Internet wherever you go – meanwhile, many internet service providers are giving you the capability to carry a mobile hotspot with you anywhere, with Telstra ads playing with embedding their technology in a thong. With the ability to connect a number of WiFi enabled technologies to your one WiFi device, you can access the internet on your phone and mobile tablet at the same time.

The options are limitless. Imagine what you’ll be able to do with wireless broadband in another twenty years’ time. Will you be sending live tweets underwater whilst diving the Great Barrier Reef? Or will you be taking photos from space and sharing them?

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The future of wireless broadband

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The future of wireless broadband

This article was published on 2011/09/22