MagicJack Phone Service Will Eventually Win You Over

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How does 20 dollars a year for phone service sound? Not bad right? But is it really possible? Does it really work? Is it too hard to setup? Yes. Yes. And no. There you go, now you know. Those are the main questions and now you've got the answers. Maybe you're wondering how I know. The reason I know is because I have a MagicJack of my own. I use it almost everyday. The only reason I don't use it every day is because I don't use my house phone everyday.

In case you didn't know MagicJack is a device you plug into your computer. Then you plug your phone line into the device and you get dial tone. You also need a high speed internet connection; that means either DSL or Cable internet. And 5 years ago high speed was not so common. But today it is. Trust me, 5 years ago I got high speed internet and it was kind of a hassle. But at the time I wanted Vonage, so I needed that fast connection. At the time Vonage was a pretty cool idea; internet based telephone.

The idea of course isn't new. Skype has been around for years and a WAY back in the day DialPad used the same idea. But the thing about those services, not unlike all the webcams and video chat of today, is that they required you plug in some kind of device like a microphone and possibly headphones if you didn't want feedback from your speakers.

But today you can use your actual telephone that's already in your house and plug right in. It's just too easy. It's too convenient to be ignored. Just like home computers. And you're using one of those right now right. And it might seem hard to believe but people didn't used to have computers in their houses. But eventually computers won people over, and so will internet based telephone systems like MagicJack.

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MagicJack Phone Service Will Eventually Win You Over

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This article was published on 2010/04/01