High Speed Internet Servicing the Farming Community

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As soon as we think of the word farming or any derivative of the word farm, we think of the country, a rural area, and being out in the middle of nowhere. We think about man being at one with nature and living without modern life conveniences such as the cell phone, cable television, and high speed internet. We would be absolutely incorrect in our assumptions.

Believe it or not but technology has come to play a huge role in the way farmers now operate their land and business. Farming is not only a way of life for many living in the rural areas, but it’s their business. Like most businesses, farmers had to also figure out ways to increase productivity and growth. New generations of farmers had to introduce technology to their operations and many did so by utilizing the internet. And just most businesses, transition became prevalent by way of high speed internet. However, because these farmers live mostly in low populated areas, many challenges were apparent.

Because farmers wanted to increase productivity, they required internet services that enabled them to keep up with demand. Many farmers began looking into internet services that fit their needs and found that they only had the option of dial up internet service. Although inexpensive, dial up services were awfully slow and did not help them increase productivity. Most farmers although operating as a business, have a love of nature. So, being stuck in an office waiting for things to download because of the dreadfully slow dial up service would not work. However, these were the services they were offered. Knowing there had to be other options, they began to research for ways to gain fast internet speed.

Farmers soon found that finding rural high speed broadband services would not be an easy task. But, they also had more choices than they first imagined. There were options that included wireless internet service, broadband high speed internet, and cable internet. However, each one of these came with different challenges.

The wireless high speed internet service seemed like a great idea because it could offer mobility, or so they thought. Farmers pictured themselves out on the open range, on top of their horses, with a laptop in hand. They soon found out that wireless internet for city folk were a little different than wireless high speed internet for country folk. The difference was that people in the city had access to hot spot locations, making it easy for them to access the internet from virtually anywhere in the city. Farmers of course, were nowhere near these super internet cafes.

Another option farmers living in rural areas wanting high speed internet thought of was cable internet. This seemed like a great idea because it allowed them to go through the same companies that provided their cable television service. This too offered limitations in that most cable companies although providing television service to the rural areas, did not offer rural area high speed internet service. But, they would often partner up with broadband satellite companies, becoming affiliates and earning commissions on their referrals.

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High Speed Internet Servicing the Farming Community

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This article was published on 2011/05/17