Has Internet had a positive effect on today’s youth

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One cannot question the fact that Internet has drastically changed the way people think and act. Our day to day actions are affected in one way or the other. Getting almost any task that needs to be done is being relegated to the Internet without a second thought. There can be no question about the fact that things have become a lot easier and faster since internet got to be used extensively. However, the sad part is that personal interaction between people doesn’t seem to exist anymore. People don’t seem to have the time to stop a moment to say “hello” which reminds one of the famous poem “Leisure” by William Henry Davies that goes, “What is this life, if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare”.

However, one can’t simply stand or even sit, for that matter, and stare all day long. There’s work to be done and it needs to be done real fast. That’s when internet comes into the picture. There’s hardly any communication on paper anymore. Most people keep in touch with each other through e-mail and chatting. You would’ve noticed that most mailmen have become obese, that’s because there’s hardly any mail to deliver these days. Obesity, in fact, has become a national curse. Take a busy office with hundreds of employees. You’ll find at least a third of them obese. They simply sit around and communicate through instant messaging, rather than get up and walk up to a colleague. However, communication has become a lot faster and more work is got done than ever before.

People have stopped dropping into stores to purchase necessities. They are more comfortable sitting in their homes and ordering online. You can order almost anything online and have it delivered at your doorstep, and you expect to get fantastic deals and bargains too in the process. The same is the case with banking. There is hardly anyone walking into a bank to withdraw money or for any other banking related task. One simply uses an ATM card to withdraw cash and online money transfers and remittances are more common than getting the conventional bank draft. Though there are a few risks as far as security is concerned, it is effectively managed by an effective security suite that is provided free by most service providers.

Walking into a movie theater with your arm around your girlfriend, armed with popcorn and soda used to have its own charm and was thrilling. Gone are those days, today people simply use the Internet to download the latest hit movies and stream other videos and watch in the confines of their homes. They don’t even step into music stores anymore to buy their favorite albums. Every genre of music can be downloaded in a matter of minutes and building up a private collection of albums is a kind of fetish these days. It is an undeniable fact that the present day generation has an incorrigible obsession for having a high speed internet connection.

The fact of the matter is that internet is here to stay. However, not without some perils associated with it. For instance, there are several web portals that are dedicated to carrying content that is suitable only for adults. It is not difficult for teens to gain access to such web sites, and they seem to be more knowledgeable about such sites than adults. However, the silver lining is that most companies provide built in mechanisms that are called Parental Controls that enable parents to block any such sites carrying adult content. It is a great relief for concerned parents as the kids will not be able to access such sites even during their absence. Check out the latest offers for High Speed Internet services from Time Warner Internet.

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Has Internet had a positive effect on today’s youth

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Has Internet had a positive effect on today’s youth

This article was published on 2012/05/30