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Also known as sensor networks, through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing device, according to the agreed protocol, to any article connected with the Internet, information exchange and communication, to achieve intelligent identify, locate, track, monitor and manage a network. Internet of Things concept is put forward in 1999. Internet of Things is the "material objects connected to the Internet." This has two meanings: First, Internet of things is still the core and foundation of the Internet is Internet-based extension and expansion of the network; second, extended and expanded its client to any goods and goods between the information- exchange and communication.

2009 1 28, after Obama became President, and U.S. business leaders held a "round table", as one of the only two representatives, IBM CEO Samuel Palmisano, the first time " Wisdom Earth "concept, the proposed new government investment in new generation of intelligent infrastructure. The concept of Internet of things this world-renowned.

Internet of Things and Sensor End networking thing is all kinds of Sensor . What is the sensor? Sensor is the nature of the various physical, chemical, biomass into a measurable electrical signal devices and components, see the many sensors and confused. Sensor determines its own definition of the complexity and the many varieties.

According to statistics, the National Natural Science Foundation of 2007-2009 established over a hundred items of wireless sensor network research and development topics. R & D units involved in wireless sensor networks, mainly in universities, three major telecommunications operators in China, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Xinhua Branch Group's research unit.

Present, sensor network concept is affecting government and corporate executives on another emerging technology, and Industry. Authorities are also highly concerned about the importance of Internet of things, application and following the IC Industry and IT Industry, the formation of the intellectual property of the new layout. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology together with relevant departments, the new generation of information technology research is being carried out to form a new generation of information technology to support the development of policy measures.

From the current level of development of domestic industries, the Internet of things, there is still the bottleneck of development, RFID-end Chip Not the core areas of industrial and domestic RFID to low frequency; In addition, low level sensor industrialization, mass production product range was incomplete, high-end products for the monopoly of foreign manufacturers. Therefore, the development and production of suitable types of sensor network applications, sensors, domestic enterprises should take precautions, lessons Auto And other industries rely on imported parts still lessons in time for the establishment and development of sensor networks with independent intellectual property rights to provide domestic production of sensors and other products. In the emerging sensor network technology R & D and industrialization of the situation, the country with close ties to the technology units and enterprises are facing new opportunities and challenges.

Status of Chinese Internet of Things
Present, the Internet of things are at the initial stage of industry chain, the China Internet of things in the field of technology compared to other countries what exactly is in position, a telecommunications expert of anonymity, told reporters that although everyone Vision is very good, but in fact, China's Internet of Things technologies and standards has been behind a beat.

Held in 2009 Summit on Internet of things, one of the participating experts, physical network development can be divided into three stages, the first phase of information gathering, the second stage is information processing, the future Internet of things will be used polymerization of a variety of sensing technologies to process information, the last stage is the pan in the aggregation phase, which is the ultimate goal of Internet of things.

From the current situation of development, the Chinese Internet of things not yet exist purely business, some experts predict that China will formally enter the property in 2015, industry networking, Internet of things, as the next generation of information technology, will be a wide range of development in China .
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Create A New Era Of Internet Of Things To Lead A New Wave Sensor - Internet Of Things, The Sensor -

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