6 Best Tips on how to Help Keep Your Home computer and Cable Modem Running Fast

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The intention of this information is to help keep your personal computer operating at its highest speed by performing some standard clean-ups. One  that influences your internet speed is usually the cable modem. The 1st step is having the best cable modem (check here) that is running on a DOCSIS 3.0 or else, all we cover right here may not matter. Let’s dig into it.

1. Defragmenting:

What's defragmenting? It is similar to combing a comb through hair or arranging a person's paper filing cabinet. This is organizing your pc documents. Get started by going to the ‘start menu’ next click on ‘programs.’ And then, go to ‘Microsoft system tools’. Should you have Windows 7, simply just type ‘defragment’ in the start menu search box and it'll show up below programs. As soon as the program starts, just simply defragment your entire disk drive. I encourage people defragment every month.


2. Disk Cleanup:

What is disk cleanup? This clears away information and data files on your personal computer that are doing nothing but using up room. This is located inside of the ‘start menu’ then simply look under ‘programs’. Next go to ‘Microsoft system tools.’ In the event you've got Windows 7, just simply type ‘disk cleanup’ into the start menu search box and it will show up beneath programs. And once it finishes the computing, just click all of the boxes you would like cleaned up (I check every one of them). And then, hit 'ok'. Without possibly even knowing, an individual might have a single gigabyte or even more of wasted disk space on your hard drive resulting in it to run at a decreased speed (that’s approximately two thousand photographs worth of wasted storage space!) I advise you do a disk cleanup every month.


3. Clear  Cache, History, and Cookies:

Ever wondered how a website knows if you have visited in the past? Or how a site recalled your passwords as well as other information that is personal? Odds are you already have one-hundred or thousands of ‘cookies’ associated with the computer and also internet. And so, start internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome and lets do a bit of cleaning. Using Internet Explorer you just go to ‘tools’ after that ‘internet options.’ Below ‘Browsing history’ on your first tab, select the ‘delete’ button. Make certain most boxes are checked and and then hit ‘ok.’ With Firefox, you would go into tools and then ‘clear history.’ Click the tiny drop-down arrow and make sure all of the boxes are checked and modify your ‘Time range to clear’ to ‘everything.’ Should you use Google Chrome you simply click the wrench inside the top right hand corner. And then simply click on 'options'. Under your ‘Under the hood’ section click on ‘clear browsing data’ once you have checked all of the boxes. It should be done once per month

4. Anti-Virus Program:

This will simply eliminate computer viruses and also continually scan and prevent computer viruses. As you would think, if you've got a computer virus it is going to slow all sorts of things down. In the event that you want a free version, then look into the only one I personally use, Microsoft Security Essentials. Run the scan each and every month as well as when prompted to.


5. Cable Modem Clear from any surroundings:

Is there something stacked on your cable modem right this moment? Well, if you'd like the cable modem performing her best; clear away any items that may be lying on your modem. You see the holes in your cable modem? Those help it to cool itself and if you cover it, your modem can’t take in air and can’t operate her best. If possible, provide it with four inches on every side other than the bottom. BONUS: Take a full breath and blow into the openings of the modem and observe the airborne dust come soaring out.


6. Unplug Your Cable Modem:

In the event you ever call your internet service provider (ISP) this is among the first things that they recommend to try initially. Disconnect all of the cords to your cable modem and wireless router, (which includes the power cords). Let it sit for 5 minutes then eureka, your internet performance will be recharged and ready to run much better than ever before. ANOTHER BONUS: This approach is also one of the first things I personally do any time my ‘internet is down’ to get it back up and operating properly again.

I hope everyone found this information just as useful as I have throughout the years. Once more, it is all for practically nothing in the event you don’t possess the best cable modem because that'll be running your internet. However, it is a fantastic start! Now go and enjoy the speedier computer system and internet! Return to having fun with your online shopping, game playing, video watching, and everything else you love engaging in online in uninterrupted peace.

Thank you and cheers.

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6 Best Tips on how to Help Keep Your Home computer and Cable Modem Running Fast

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6 Best Tips on how to Help Keep Your Home computer and Cable Modem Running Fast

This article was published on 2012/07/12